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clinical tidbits

The pharmacists across our company are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. We believe that an essential part of patient care is education; that's why our team works hard to stay up-to-date on more than just what's happening in healthcare — we look at the how and why of advances so we can make the best recommendations.

With July being UV Safety Month, Ashley Loeffelholz reviews the basics of sun safety, including how to choose a sunscreen and which medications increase sun sensitivity.

This Clinical Tidbit takes a deep dive into the Pneumococcal Vaccines focusing on the background, types of vaccines, ACIP and CDC guidelines, Prevnar 20, and the PneumoRecs app.

Current data indicates that 14% of women aged 15- 49 take oral contraceptives, known as “the pill.” Links between oral contraceptives and nutrient status are well-established, though the reasons why are only theorized. This Clinical Tidbit reviews the common nutrients depleted and some products from BioActive Nutrients that can help address the nutrient depletion.

RSV vaccine for adults 60 and older has been reviewed, and now it’s the pediatric RSV vaccine’s turn! Clinical pharmacist Megan Myers, PharmD, reviewed the studies conducted for the pediatric version and the recommendations put forth in this Clinical Tidbit.

Zinc has a HUGE impact on the body's function, and diet and supplementation are how we get this essential mineral - our bodies cannot produce it. Learn more about what zinc does, what can impact our zinc levels in our bodies, and how you can get the recommended amount from our Clinical Tidbit presented by Megan Myers, PharmD!

Our clinical pharmacist Megan Myers, PharmD, was joined by Dr. Andrea Goodwin to discuss the shortage of primary care coverage in the United States. We pride ourselves on getting patients the care they need, which is why we launched Health on Hand telehealth services in partnership with LivWell Clinic.

Wondering what goes into a pharmacist recommendation of Co-Q10? Clinical pharmacist Megan Myers, PharmD, reviews what Co-Q10 actually does for the body along with what can cause that nutrient to be depleted in the body.

The emergency proclamation for COVID-19 may have ended earlier this year, but the virus is still circulating. Questions about current infections, long COVID, the new COVID-19 vaccine approved in September, or something else? Clinical pharmacist Megan Myers, PharmD, reviews it all!

Lots of research and reviews happen before a new vaccine comes to market. Clinical pharmacist Megan Myers, PharmD, reviewed the work behind the new RSV vaccine in our first Clinical Tidbit!

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